The Organizing Committee is composed of :

Responsible for the reviewing and the editing of papers Dr. GAZZAH Mouna
Documentation team Dr.. TURKI Arwa
sponsoring team Dr.. Imene GHEZAL
Design and Graphics Dr.. MEDDEB Leila
Planning Dr.. CHERIAA Rim
Responsible for promotion of CIRATM Dr. BEN MLIK Yosr
Responsible for promotion of CIRATM 10 . Dr. DHOUIB Soufien
Responsible for promotion of CIRATM 10 . Dr. SAHNOUN Mehdi
Documentation team Dr.. HELALI Houda
President of the organizing committee of CIRATM 10 . Prof. ZOUARI Riadh
Coordination and planning of CIRATM-10 . Dr. GARGOUBI Sondes
Chairwoman of CIRATM-10 (LGTex - Monastir, Tunisia) . Prof. BABAY Amel
Chairwoman of CIRATM-10 (Vestechpro – Montreal, Canada) . Mrs KACI Paulette
Chairwoman of CIRATM-10 (CETELOR – Lorraine, France) . Ing. JEANMICHEL Laurence
Co- Chairman of CIRATM-10 (LPMT – Mulhouse, France) . Prof. HEIM Frederic
Responsible for registration of CIRATM 10 . Dr. KHLIF Helmi
Responsible for international relationships of CIRATM 10 . Dr. KHOFFI Foued
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