The 1st International Textile Competition in Tunisia “CITT-1”
November 9-10, 2016
Hammamet, TUNISIA

General information
The competition will be co-organised by the Tunisian Association of Textile Researchers (ATCTex) and TR-Associates Ltd. from Malta, as a part of the CIRAT-7 Conference event.
CITT-1 will include three sub-competitions:

Download the Brochure and the call for participation

Sub-competitions description
TUNTIA Award 2016
TUNTIA is a freestyle design competition open to all: Concept stage, Prototype or Finished textile products and initial Business Plan by professional and young designers, design studios,design oriented textile manufacturers, retailers, suppliers and the creative industry worldwide.
The TUNTEA Award is not just an award, it is the indicator of quality and perfection in design and business. The award takes the attention of design oriented companies, professionals and interest groups and seeds funding donor organisations and accelerators. Winning the TUNTEA Award is a certificate of excellence and an important milestone in your career.
RINtex Award 2016
The funding objectives of the call are trans-national, application oriented, R&D projects, related to high added value textile materials.
This RINTex Award 2016 call for project proposals has a wide scope, including all topics on high added value textiles and other fiber-based advanced materials emerging at global level.
Such a domain includes the following main areas:
1. New textile materials, including new functional products (bio-fibres, composite materials, biobased chemicals and innovative active compounds for textile finishing, etc.);
2. New technologies for the production of high added value and multifunctional textiles (nanotechnology, biotechnology, nano-biotechnology, surface treatment technologies, electronics integrated in the textile structures, etc.); and
3. New textile processing, production technologies and new textile machinery (spinning, weaving, dyeing and finishing, laminating, coating, etc.).

Topics of the best Research & Innovation Textile Award , as it is mentioned by the Call of CIRAT.

Projects are expected to promote new applications for textile materials and the substitution of currently used traditional textiles and non-textiles with advanced textile materials. Applications may include, but are not limited to, personal protection, health care and sports, construction, transport systems, agriculture, energy, packaging and industrial equipment.

SusText Award 2016
The SusTex Award 2016 is a sustainable fashion design competition inspiring emerging fashion designers to create mainstream clothing with minimal textile waste. Designers are educated with the theory and techniques to enable them to create desirable sustainable clothing via zero-waste, up-cycling and reconstruction sustainable design techniques.

What is the Sustainable Textile in Fashion Design brief?

You are challenged to design a sustainable women/men/kids wear collection that will redress the way contemporary, fashion-loving women/men/kids see their outer and inner reflection. You designs must inspire your muse to step out into the world confidently wearing her sustainability values stylishly on her sleeve.
You are designing for...

  • A dynamic, contemporary people aged 10-55 with a sophisticated appreciation of style and modern life aesthetics.
  • The users enjoy considered and conscious style, where focus is given to quality, tailoring and craftsmanship.
  • The users are conscientious about wastefulness in modern living and wishes to be clothed in ways that reflect their style as much as their sentiments about sustainability.


Event Date
Opening call January 15 2016
Closing date June30 2016
Eligibility check Mid-March 2016
Evaluation period July 1 – September 15 2016
Communication final decision September 30 2016


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