Tunisian Textile Events 2018, Tun-Tex 2018

November 8, 2018 in Monastir

The Tunisian Association of Textile Researchers "ATCTex" and the Laboratory of Textile Engineering, LGTex, organize, in partnership with the University of Monastir, MFCPôle Monastir and Milano Fashion Institute, the second Competion of Textile Innovation in Tunisia "CITT- 2 " in the margins of the Tunisian Textile Events " Tun-Tex Events 2018 ", on November 08, 2018 in Monastir.
Since it first edition (CITT-1), has became a reference for several Tunisian textile manufacturers. More than 330 participants have attended the event, including 120 students and more than 35 manufacturers.
This award is an important recognition on the CV of a candidate. It has allowed many candidates to go on to the industrialization and even the commercialization of their products with the support of many textile manufacturers.

To register your participation in one competition, please click here (Lien hypertext: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1hhFguH6DwZ5m-DDHyJ6deJYSrxt2nhK1HsxW5DixAA4/edit
). You may register for one or more competitions.

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Pour se présenter aux compétitions, merci de cliquer ici lien hypertext: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1hhFguH6DwZ5m-DDHyJ6deJYSrxt2nhK1HsxW5DixAA4/edit
). Vous pouvez se présenter pour un ou plusieurs concours.

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In this second edition, CITT-2, will include four awards:

1. Fashion Award 2018
The "Fashion Award 2018" is a competition that honors excellence in the fashion creativity. The fashion designers should develop collection of clothes responding to the fashion and season trends. The theme adopted for this competition is "Tunisian-Roman mosaic".
Can apply to this award fashion designers having less than 3 years experience as well as fashion students in fashion design from all over the world.
A group of ten finalists will be selected to come to Monastir, to present their collections.

2. Rin-Tex Award 2018
"Rin-Tex Award 2018" is a call for proposals for research and innovation projects, in different and large fields of applications; including topics on high added-value textiles as well as advanced materials based of emerging fibers.
A submitted project should include, at least, one of the following main areas:
1. New textile materials, including new functional products (bio-fibers, composite materials, biological-based chemical products and innovative active compounds for textile finishing, etc.);
2. New technologies for high added-value production and multifunctional textiles (nanotechnology, biotechnology, nano-biotechnology, surface treatment technologies, integrated electronics in textile structures, etc.);
3. New treatments of textiles, new production technologies and new textile machines (spinning, weaving, knitting, braiding, nonwovens, dyeing and finishing, rolling, coating, etc.).

3. Start-Tex Award 2018
This competition of entrepreneurship and creation is open to all new projects: conception stage, prototype or final textile product and initial business plan. Candidates could be young designers and / or professionals, design studios, concepts oriented to textile manufacturing, retailers, suppliers as well as creative industry.
Processes and/or invented products have to be transferred into the industrial process. The presented innovation must be feasible and reproducible under profitable conditions. Also, it is important that the functionality and utility of such product must be recognized and easily identifiable.
The "Start-Tex Award 2018" is not only a reward; but also a quality recognition and performance index in development and entrepreneurship. This award aims to interest and draw the attention of professionals and funding agencies on business-oriented setting-up. Winning the "Start-Tex Award 2018" is a certificate of excellence and a giant leap in your professional career.

4. Knick-Knack Space
This space will be reserved for innovative products presented individually and that are not part of the themes above. A prize will be awarded to the best product chosen by the public.
Inventors of new textile products or new textile processes must demonstrate creativity, originality and innovation in the conception of their projects.


Event Date
Opening call February 27, 2018
Submitting deadline June 30, 2018
Check of Eligibility From March 15, 2018
Evaluation July 1 – September 15, 2018
Committee response September 30, 2018


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