The "Sixth International Conference of Applied Research on Textiles, CIRAT-6" was organized in Hammamet, Tunisia during November 13-15, 2014. CIRAT-6 is jointly organized by the Laboratory of Textile Engineering (LGTex, Ksar Hellal, Tunisia) and the Tunisian Association of Textile Researchers (ATCTex, Ksar Hellal, Tunisia), in collaboration with the Department of Textile Engineering, Namık Kemal University (NKU, Turkey).
For the 6th time, CIRAT bring worldwide researchers from academic and industrial fields to share and discuss the latest scientific concepts and technological developments in textile. It also intends to foster Research and Development collaborations amongst academia, research institutions & relevant industries.
In the CIRAT-6 are honored by the plenary conferences presented by recognized researchers:

  • Prof. Fatma GÖKTEPE (Department Of textile engineering, NKU, Turkey): SPECIAL YARNS FOR ARTIFICIAL MUSCLES.
  • Prof. Slah MSAHLI (LGTex, Tunisia): Valorization of Tunisian local natural fibers in textile and paratextile applications.
  • Prof. Michael HANN (School of design, University of Leeds, UK): SOUSTAINABILITY IN TEXTILES AND FASHION.
  • Prof. Mohamed BEN HSSAN (LGTex, Tunisia)

In CIRAT-6 we have 65 oral presentations and 31 posters from 13 countries: Tunisia, Turkey, Italia, France, Algeria, Lithuania, Morocco, UK, USA, Brazil, Argentina, Germany, and Iran.

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Program of CIRAT-6

Appreciations Emails:
Dear Prof. Faouzi Sakli
The CIRAT-6 Conference Chairman,
We all got back home, safely. I am writing to express post conference thoughts and extend our gratitudes, once more, for offering us a partnership chance for the CIRAT 6.
You and all your organising team should be proud of yourselves for giving us a rare and fantastic conference over three days. Everyone thought that it was very interesting, informative and interacting conference, and your warm and sincere welcome and hospitality during the period of symposium were also outstanding. Personally, I thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of the conference and above all everyone was so friendly, supportive and helpful. I left with the best memories from this one.
I would really like to thank all the organising committee, but special thanks to Dr. Saber Marzougui, Dr. Najeh Maatoug, Dr. Bassem Kordoghli and Dr. Sofiene MOKHTAR.
I wish to keep in contact and, perhaps to collaborate in joint projects in the near future.
Hope to meet you in some other occasions,
Kindest Regards,
Prof. Ziya OZEK
Head of Department,
Department of Textile Engineering
Corlu Faculty of Engineering
Namık Kemal University


Dear Colleagues;

Thank you very much for your hospitality and kindness during “The Sixth International Conference of Applied Research on Textile” organized from you on 13-15 November 2014 at HAMMAMET-TUNISIA.  I think, the Conference was very well organized by your team and the scientific impacts will be beneficial for the textile specialists in the future.

We hope seeing you again on the other academic activities in the future.

With Kind Regards,

Sincerely yours,

Head of Department

Department of Textile Engineering


The CIRAT-5 was organized in Monastir (Tunisia) between 24th and 27th of January, 2013 by the Textile Engineering Laboratory of ISET KsarHellal and the Tunisian Textile Researchers Association.
    Number of participants: 160
    Plenary conferences: 10
    Oral presentations: 80
    Posters: 22
    Design corner: 3
    Industrial corner: 1
Conference price:
The ten best oral communications (after presentation and evaluation by the scientific committee) have been accepted for publication in Ijartex
Participating countries
Tunisia, France, Portugal, Egypt., Greece,Pakistan,Portugal, Sweden, Germany, Morocco, Turkey, USA…

Appreciations emails
Dearest brothers and sisters
Please receive from Cairo special thanks to all. Thanks for the warm hospitality in Monastir. It was a great and successful conference. I hope it will trigger the right interest in textile technologies within Tunisia.The organizing committee worked like crew of ship and arrive successfully to safe and fruitful end.The potential of scientific success is found in the new generations of textile engineers and chemists ..most of them have sufficient backgorund about his/her work as a result of intensive reading.All of these points are taught by a number of professors who have the experience that they transfer stepwisely to their students.I wish a wonderful success for Tunisia as far as it has ambitious motivated personnel whom I met during my visit to Tunisia.
Looking forward to seeing you again
Warmest greeting from Cairo
Prof. Hosam El-Sayed

Thank you for a very rewarding conference and visit to Tunisia, and for the very committed work you did in organizing everything so well. Hoping to see you in CIRAT-6 (when you can perhaps relax a little)!

Chers collègues,
De retour en France, je souhaitais vous remercier de votre accueil lors de ma venue au congrès CIRAT :Merci au Pr SAKLI, chairman de la conférence et au président du comité d'organisation, bien sur, mais mes remerciements vont également à toute l'équipe qui a ¦uvré à chaque instant.
J'ai pu, comme lors de chaque CIRAT, apprécier le niveau des travaux réalisés par les chercheurs tunisiens,mais aussi profiter de cette occasion pour commencer ou entretenir les collaborations et relations avec mes collègues tunisiens ou non présents à cette manifestation.
Encore un grand bravo et un grand merci.
Bien cordialement
Pr.Laurence Schacher, Université de Haute Alsace

Dear colleagues,
This is to thank you very much for your kind hospitality and friendship shown during CIRAT 5.I think the conference was a success with some very good quality presentations and excellent organization.With best wishes

Merci beaucoup pour votre chaleureux accueil. C'est toujours un plaisir de collaborer avec votre dynamique groupe. Vous avez fait un excellent travail d'organisation et je vous en félicite encore une fois.C'est toujours un plaisir de travailler avec vous.
Mes sincères remerciements et félicitations.


The CIRAT-4 was organized in Monastir (Tunisia) between the 02nd and 05th of December, 2010 by the Tunisian Textile Researchers Association and the Textile Research Unit of ISET Ksar Hellal.

    Number of participants: 200
    Plenary conferences: 14
    Oral presentations: 104
    Posters: 24

Participating countries:
Tunisia, France, Canada, Australia, Turkey, Algeria, Morocco, Germany, Spain, Pakistan, Iran, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Mauritius, Portugal, Romania


The CIRAT-3 was organized in Sousse (Tunisia) between 13th and 16th the November, 2008 by the Tunisian Association of Textile Researchers and the Textile Research Unit of ISET Ksar Hellal.

    Number of participants : 180
    Plenary conferences : 9
    Oral presentations : 99
    Posters : 29
    Workshops : 2

Participating countries:
Tunisia, Turkey, France, Portugal, Romania, Iran, Morocco, Great Britain, Spain, Algeria, Egypt, Slovenia, Lithuania, Sudan, Greece


The CIRAT-2 was organized in Monastir (Tunisia) between the November 31th and the December 02nd, 2006 by The Monastir Science and Technology Park and the Textile Research Unit of ISET Ksar Hellal.

    Number of participants : 200
    Plenary conferences : 14
    Oral presentations : 104
    Posters : 24

Participating countries:
Tunisia, France, Canada, Australia, Turkey, Algeria, Morocco, Germany, Spain, Pakistan, Iran, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Mauritius, Portugal, Romania.
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