WINTEX: Appel à participation

Avant le 31 décembre 2020

 Call for Applications for the Selection of Three Members of the External Quality and Evaluation Committee in Tunisia (Εrasmus+ project: WINTEX)



1.        Background

In line with the project’s proposal, the consortium of the Erasmus+ project entitled “Weaving innovation among academia and industry in the Tunisian textile sector” with the acronym “WINTEX” -hereinafter referred to as “WINTEX”- will set up an External Quality Evaluation Committee - hereinafter referred to as “EQEC”- to monitor and evaluate the project’s implementation and ensure a neutral review and a consistency assessment of the project deliverables versus project target groups’ needs/expectations.

The EQEC will be comprised by four (4) members, established one (1) in the EU, and three (3) in Tunisia.

The present call refers to the three (3) members of the “EQEC” established in Tunisia, which can be either a natural or legal person.

2.        Job Description

Job title: External Quality Evaluator/ member of the External Quality Committee.

Job description: The implementation of the External Quality Assessment of the Project in close collaboration with the other three members of the Committee, including:

·         the constructive periodic ex-post evaluation of the project implementation, outputs and deliverables using his/her own tools (e.g. questionnaires, personal interviews) with a focus on the project’s implementation in Tunisia and notably the quality, installation and use of the equipment purchased with the support of WINTEX;

·         the contribution and delivery of their specific contribution to the preparation of an External Quality Report covering every 12 months, under the coordination of the EU evaluator, as described in the Quality and Evaluation Plan of the Project;

·         any other contribution to the project that derives from the Quality and Evaluation Plan and its possible future amendments or specific requests made by EACEA (Education, Audiovisual and Cultural Agency).

Deliverables: 3 Quality Assessment reports.

Estimated man-days: 12 for each evaluator

3.        Qualifications/ selection criteria

Required qualifications (exclusion criteria):

·         Ηolder of a higher education diploma (doesn’t apply to legal entities);

·         A minimum of three-year research or working experience in the textile sector;

·         Upper Intermediate level of English (B2)

Additional qualifications (rated criteria)::

·         Experience in the implementation of national, EU or international textiles related projects;

·         Experience in the implementation of national, EU or international projects of various topics;

·         Level of English knowledge Advanced (C1) or Proficiency (C2).

4.        Type of contract, duration and compensation

Type of contract: Service Agreement

Duration: From the day of the signature of the agreement until 14/01/2023.

Compensation: 1.300€ per Evaluator.

5.        Application procedure

Interested individuals are invited to submit their application to Creative Thinking Development, member of the “WINTEX” consortium via the email: The sentence “WINTEX: CALL FOR TUNISIA MEMBERS OF THE EXTERNAL QUALITY AND EVALUATION COMMITTEE” should appear on the subject of the email.

5.1      Supporting documents

Each application shall include the following documents:

-           a signed application form (Annex 1) including:

1. a small cover letter explaining the applicant's motivation for answering this call;

2. a list of supporting documents duly filled with the documentation which proves how the applicant fulfills the selection criteria (required and additional qualifications) listed in chapter 3 of this call;

-           a curriculum vitae (CV), preferably in the European format (only for natural persons);

-           a company resume (only for legal entities);

1.1      Deadline for application

The applications must be send by 31 December 2020 at the latest. The date of the e-mail sent will be the date of sending.

2.        Selection procedure

Rating of the additional qualification criteria



Rating method


Experience in the implementation of national, EU or international textiles related projects (additional to the three-year research or work experience in the textiles sector)

Up to 1 year: 30 points
Up to 2 years: 40 points
More than 2 years: 50 points


Experience in the implementation of national, EU or international projects on other topics

Up to 1 year: 10 points
Up to 2 years: 20 points
More than 2 years: 30 points


Level of English knowledge

Very good knowledge (C1): 10 points
Excellent knowledge (C2): 20 points



100 points


In the event of a tie between two candidates, the research or working experience in the textile sector will be the selective factor.

The selection procedure shall consist of an assessment of the applications performed by CRETHIDEV against the selection criteria listed in chapter 3 of this call, concluded by the establishment of a graded list of the eligible applicants and, if applicable, a list of non-eligible applicants.