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International Journal Of Applied Research On Textile


The core aim of which is to create an impart knowledge related to Engineering and Technology in textile discipline. The International Journal of Applied Research on Textile IJARTex is peer-reviewed international research journal. It covers broad spectrum of issues related with textile Engineering and Technology at all levels of aggregation; encourages subjects meeting responses and challengers of product development at local, national and global dimensions by using sophisticated Engineering and Technology techniques.

Papers accepted undergo quality control by Editorial Board and Peer Reviewers. All research articles submitted to IJARTex undergo peer review process, based on initial editor screening and anonymous expertise of reviewers. Articles previously published, those under consideration by another journal, and those with a pre-existing copyright may not be submitted. Author should prove the considerable adjustment made and value added in their submissions. Given publications should have research character and must be based on principles of scientific and a professional etiquette. The final decision on inclusion of paper will be made by Editorial Board. Editorial Board reserves its right to make technical and scientific editing. In case of not accepting the Board does not provide reviews and comments but resolution on publication.

The IJARTex welcomes papers concerning research and innovation, reflecting the professional interests of the engineering, economics, management and design related to the textile industry and the use of fibres in consumer and engineering applications. Papers may encompass anything in the range of textile activities, from fibre production through textile processes and machines, to the design, marketing and use of products. Papers may also report fundamental theoretical or experimental investigations, including materials science topics in nanotechnology and smart materials, practical or commercial industrial studies and may relate to technical, economic, social or historical aspects of textiles and the textile industry.